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If you need a special accommodation to fully participate in this program/event, please contact Life Force Senior Care Corp. at 856-667-2922. Please allow sufficient time to arrange the accommodation.

Training Location:
Life Force Senior Care Corp.
1060 Kings Highway N, Suite 314
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

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Life Force Certified Homemaker-Home Health Aide (CHHHA) Training

Life Force offers a comprehensive Certified Homemaker-Home Health Aide (CHHHA) training program designed by the Institute for Professional Care Education. This program is recognized and accepted by the New Jersey Board of Nursing. Life Force's CHHHA training is a combination of online courses, in-class instruction and skill demonstration, and a proctored final exam. Once all training is completed, you may apply with the New Jersey Board of Nursing for your Certified Homemaker-Home Health Aide license. The CHHHA license qualifies you to provide hands-on personal care throughout New Jersey while working under the supervision of a registered nurse. To receive the New Jersey CHHHA license you must submit a letter of guaranteed employment from a prospective employer with your application.

The first day of training consists of an in-class orientation. The orientation explains the overview of your training experience. To complete the online portion of the training you will need access to a computer. You will complete the online portion of the course at your own pace and will have the opportunity to receive support from faculty if you should need it. The training consists of 60 classroom hours and 16 hours of hands on clinical/laboratory hours. Once you have successfully completed all required training and passed the final exam, Life Force will assist you through the CHHHA application process.

The cost of the CHHHA training is $300. To register for an upcoming class please complete the online registration located on the right hand side of this page. Some may also want to check the Disqualifying Crimes listed on page 9 of the CHHHA Application before investing in the course. If you should need any assistance in registering please call 856-667-2922.